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Plan for Homecoming with a Dream Limousine Rental

Although there is some disagreement regarding the origins of schools hosting special football games and dances for students and alumni, individuals agree the tradition began in the early 20th century. Many people believe the celebration held at the University of Missouri served as the first time this occasion was celebrated. Other people state the tradition began at Baylor University or Illinois. However, it was in the 1870s that alumni were invited to the annual Harvard-Yale game, and this event serves as the backdrop for the annual tradition. 

In 1947, the University of Missouri saw a revival of football. The sport had been popular in the past, but male enrollment in the college declined as a result of the war, and controversy surrounded the sport thanks to the injuries sustained by players. Following WWII, the school opted to restart the games thanks to an increase in male students and changes made to the game to reduce the risk of injuries. 

The tradition continues today and is filled with activities, although most people associate homecoming with a football game and dance. Schools often hold pep rallies or parades, with all events designed to bring current and former students together to show their school pride. How can a person celebrate this event and make it a memory that will treasure for years to come? 

The Proposal

People often choose to go as a couple to the game and dance. However, before they can do so, one person must ask another to go as their date. Proposals have become more memorable over the years. A person may create a lollipop display and ask their potential date to the game and dance that way. Another fun way to ask out a date is by sending them a pizza. When they open the top of the pizza box, the inside of the lid contains the message. 

Ask a date to the game and dance by putting the request on a shirt. They can read the shirt and respond. Another option involves providing the potential date with cupcakes or a cake and having the invitation written out in frosting. Fill a pinata with the request and have the special someone break the pinata open and arrange the letters to see the proposal or create a jigsaw puzzle that, when solved, spells out the invitation. The ideas are truly endless when it comes to asking the special someone to be your date, so be creative. A unique invitation makes the big day more memorable in every way. 


Once that special someone has said yes, it’s time to begin planning the event. Never assume picking them up and taking them to the game and dance is all that is required. The event needs to be memorable in every way. This includes what you choose to wear on the night of the dance. 

Males find they can wear business casual clothing or go for something more formal. A button-down shirt, slacks, and a tie are enough for the dance. Neutral colors, such as blue or gray, tend to be best, and the guy should match either his tie or shirt to his date’s dress. If wearing a suit, skip the tie. It looks too formal for this dance and should be reserved for prom. Another option involves wearing suspenders with a bow tie or a sweater with a tie. The key is to wear something comfortable so you don’t feel out of place all night.

Females find they have countless options when it comes to what to wear the night of the dance. Cocktail dresses remain popular with many ladies, although the material should be silk or lace to distinguish the outfit from everyday wear. Skater dresses have increased in popularity in recent years and provide a more formal look than cocktail dresses. Many ladies find this type of dress to be more comfortable than one they would wear to a cocktail event. Semi-formal separates serve as another option and should not be overlooked. Choose formal fabrics and combine them with elegant accessories for a well-dressed look. Again, comfort should be a top priority. 


Couples should choose a restaurant carefully for the night of the big event. The dance is usually filled with activity, so dinner gives you the opportunity have a conversation. The restaurant should provide the ideal atmosphere for quiet conversation. It also helps when the restaurant is affordable. Finding the right place should never be a last-minute decision for this reason. 

Determine how many people will be attending the dinner portion of the event. Some couples choose to dine alone before meeting friends at the dance. Other couples choose to meet at the restaurant for some fun before heading to the dance, and some couples decide to start and end the evening together, riding to the different activities as a group. The number of people attending the dinner portion of the evening becomes of importance for several reasons. 

First, everyone must agree on a restaurant. It’s never fun to have someone hungry during the dance because they didn’t eat before arriving at the venue. The food selection should be broad enough to satisfy the tastes of everyone who will be eating together. 

In addition, a person might have food allergies. This needs to be considered when choosing a restaurant. The food choices must be acceptable to all, as nobody wants to fall ill because they ate something they were allergic to. Sadly, this can happen and ruin the night for all who are taking part. 

Cost often becomes a deciding factor for teens attending the dance who plan to take their date for a meal beforehand. Keep the budget in mind when making this decision so everyone can take part. It’s no fun to leave a friend behind because they cannot afford the selected restaurant. They and their date must miss out on part of the festivities when this is the case.


Take your date to the dance in style. Although individuals taking part in the festivities tend to be old enough to drive, now is the time to splurge for a Detroit limo. The limo allows the couple to arrive in style. They draw attention wherever they go when they use this mode of transportation. Why get all fixed up and not have many people see the efforts of doing so? This is never an issue when a couple rides in a limo.

Limos allow for a whole group of friends to go to homecoming together. Everyone arrives and departs at the same time so nobody misses out on the fun. The ride will be smooth and safe, and the chauffeur knows the best routes to avoid traffic, so the couple or couples won’t arrive at the restaurant late and miss their reservation or miss out on the first dance of the evening. 

Partygoers find a limo rental is only one option available to them. Stretch sedans and party buses serve as two additional options that should be considered when choosing a means of transportation for the big night. A large group of friends may choose to rent a party bus so they can have fun together without worrying about getting to and from their destination. 

A limo service helps to keep all participants safe. Adults may wish to drink as part of the festivities and can do so with ease when they hire a limo service. They have a designated driver on call to take them wherever they desire. Teens lack experience behind the wheel, and parents may not feel comfortable allowing their new driver to get behind the wheel on a big night such as this. With a hired limo, the teens won’t need to drive. The chauffeur handles this task for them. 

However, the transportation is only as good as the company behind the limo or party bus rental. Choose a company with a modern fleet of reliable vehicles and is registered with the state. The goal is to have the riders arrive at their destination safely and on time. 

Learn more about the chauffeur and their background before hiring a provider, and request original car documents. Ask about maintenance of the vehicles before proceeding, and never get in a vehicle with a driver who is not in proper uniform. Simple steps such as these ensure the trip is everything you envisioned when you hired the provider. 

Dream Limousines opened in 2005 to provide the finest limo rental services in the greater Southern Michigan area. We assist clients with transportation for weddings, parties, prom, homecoming, and more. Conveniently located in Shelby Township, we serve the greater Detroit area. 

Homecoming only happens once a year. Make sure every part of the event is memorable. From the restaurant to the attire and transportation, focus on the details. They make the difference between an amazing night that will be remembered fondly for years to come and a complete disaster. Every couple wants great memories, and the right limo service ensures that is what they get.