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Cheer on the Tigers on Opening Day 2018 in a Luxury Party Bus Rental

Once a year, residents of Detroit and lovers of baseball take part in a rite of passage. It’s opening day for the Tigers, and we’re counting down the days on our calendars.

The Tiger’s opening day game, which will be played against the Pittsburgh Pirates, is scheduled for March 29, 2018. This date also marks the earliest opening day for the Tigers in the history of Comerica Park. We’re anticipating lots of energy, tons of excitement and maybe a lingering chill in the air.

We know you want to cheer the Tigers on at the start of the season, but also get that logistics can be tough. Questions like who’s driving, who’s staying sober and can we even get tickets can flatten the anticipation real fast.

Let us fill you in on a little secret. The best way to enjoy opening day is with a party bus. Here’s why.

It’s Not an Easy in and Out

There’s no such thing as show up right before the game and leave right after. After all, it’s opening day! There will be parties, activities around town and plenty of sports bars to hit up during and after the game.

Taking care of transportation yourself means you could miss out on a lot the fun.

A party bus will take you to the stadium, where you can even engage in some pre-game libations and snacks before you head into Comerica Park. You can arrive early, and stay late with no worry about the consequence.

A party bus will also make sure that you and your friends get to and from every stop along the way safely. Dropped off and picked up at the door. It doesn’t get better than that.

It’s a Money Saver

If you and your buddies have blown the budget on lower outfield seats, you might have good reason to economize in other areas of the big day. A party bus rental might be your most affordable option. Here’s why.

First, you get to share the cost of the transportation with everyone that comes along, and the more the merrier. Even if not everyone in the party bus has tickets, they can keep the party going by watching the game on one of multiple screens. 25 friends splitting a party bus will often cost less than driving yourself.

Plus, a party bus can be the after game venue.

Just pack up your favorite drinks, snacks, music and Tigers gear and you’re good to go. No crowded bars with hefty cover fees and overpriced drinks.

It Provides Comfort

Whether you’re going to the game, or just want to hang out in Detroit and soak up the vibe, a party bus rental provides a level of comfort and security that your own vehicle can’t.

You’ll get dropped off and picked up wherever you want, without worrying about finding your way through unfamiliar neighborhoods. You’ll have a safe, secure and comfortable luxury ride waiting for you no matter where opening day takes you.

Opening day isn’t that far away. The time to start planning for an epic season is now. Contact us today and reserve your party bus Detroit’s sporting event of the year.