Infiniti QX80

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Infiniti QX80

Empower the passenger!

Empower the passenger! Introducing the new Infiniti QX80. The only SUV limo of it’s kind in the state. This Infiniti SUV seats 20 passengers and has every available customer comfort option. The new state of the art touch screen controls allow the customer to customize every element in their surroundings (lighting, climate, audio and video, divider). Due to a high demand from our customer base, we also have added a Jet Door entry! This vehicle is a smooth ride, that combines the elegance of an Infiniti with the class and style of a Dream Limousine!


  • 20 Passengers
  • Jet Door
  • Premium Sound
  • Luxury Seating
  • LED Lighting
  • LED TVs



Cadillac Escalade 2

  • 20 Passengers
  • iPod / CD / DVD / MP3
  • 2 Bar Areas
  • LED lit ceiling

Cadillac Escalade 1 Rental

  • 20 Passengers
  • iPod / CD / DVD / MP3
  • Full Mirror Ceiling
  • 5th door enty