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How to Prevent Problems with Your Party Bus Rental

If you’re considering a party bus rental for your next special occasion, you’re probably thinking about all the ways that it’s going to help make your event even more epic and memorable. You’re absolutely right, a party bus is a guaranteed way to add style, class and ultimate luxury to whatever you have planned.

That said, as with anything, problems can still arise. As a professional limousine rental service, we take our responsibility to you very seriously. However, it’s important that you are aware of what you can do to make sure that your special occasion goes off without a hitch.

Here’s your 5-step action plan for an enjoyable, problem-free party bus experience.

Read the Fine Print

When you rent a party bus, there is a contract that needs to be signed. This contract is meant for the protection of both you and the limo rental company. It outlines the terms of your agreement, including what is and isn’t acceptable behavior while in the party bus as well as which things may lead to additional charges.

Take the time to go through this contract line by line, ask questions and make sure you understand all of it before signing on the dotted line.

Share the Details

Understanding the rules and guidelines of your party bus rental doesn’t do any good if you’re the only one that knows about them. Each of your party bus guests need to also be aware and committed to respecting the rules.

Remember that when you sign the contract, you’re the one responsible for the actions of your guests, so make sure they’re all on board before sharing your ride.

Follow the Laws

While you’re in the party bus, you’re still obligated to follow every local, state and federal law. When you break a law while using a limo, you’re putting yourself, the driver and the limo company in a dangerous situation.

To protect everyone, be extra vigilant when it comes to underage drinking, illegal drug use and know the local child restraint laws for your smallest passengers.

Safety First

While your driver will do everything possible to keep you and your passengers safe, sometimes things happen that are beyond their control. They might need to make an abrupt stop or defend the vehicle against a reckless driver.

Keep safety in mind always while the vehicle is in motion. Use restraints when provided and avoid dancing and moving around during travel.

Keep an Eye on Valuables

While a major perk of a party bus or stretch limousine is that there’s extra room to store some of your belongings, like a change of clothes, you shouldn’t expect the driver to take full responsibility for keeping your belongings safe.

Play it smart by not leaving anything of value, including phones, purses and wallets, in the party bus when you’re not in it.

Renting a party bus is an exciting experience, but you’ll get more out of it by taking these few extra precautions. When you’re interested in a party bus rental, we’re the professional service that can fulfill your needs. Contact Dream Limousines today to learn more about our expansive fleet of party buses for your special occasion.