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Haunted Destinations in Detroit for a Spooky Halloween

What’s your favorite thing about October? For us, there are too many great things to name, but there’s no denying that the spooky thrills that come with Halloween are the best of all. This year, before you head out for the Halloween festivities, why not set the tone for the evening by visiting a few famous haunted spots.

Detroit is home of more than a few spots that are notorious for the rumors of ghosts and ghouls that hang around. For a night that’s equally exciting and harrowing, check out some of these ghostly hangouts in haunted Detroit.

An Unrestful Resting Place

Granted, the idea of visiting a cemetery on Halloween isn’t exactly new, but there’s something about Detroit’s Elmwood Cemetery that will send chills up and down your spine. For starters, it’s among the oldest cemeteries in Michigan, which instantly gives it a horror movie graveyard feel. But, the history behind Elmwood is a little more than the average cemetery.

In 1763, Chief Pontiac and his braves settled in the ground above the land that would eventually become the Elmwood Cemetery. A battle followed that resulted in the death of dozens of British soldiers. Rumor has it that the bloodshed from the battle caused the nearby creek to turn red – resulting in the event being termed “The Battle of Bloody Run”. Today, visitors say that the ghosts of fallen shoulders and a spirit known as the Veiled Lady are not shy about making their presence known.

The Masonic Temple

The Masonic Temple, built in 1912, is a magnificent piece of architecture in Detroit. Apparently, there’s much more to it than its stately outward appearance. The temple is reported to have been built with multiple hidden rooms and staircases. It makes one wonder what exactly went on in all these secret chambers, but many people don’t stay around long enough to find out.

Visitors have reported seeing spirits, hearing doors slam by themselves and being touched by the icy cold fingertips of a hand that wasn’t really there. Maybe it all has something to do with the death of the builder, George D Mason, who jumped to his death from the building in 1948.

An Asylum of Madness and Spirits

If you’re feeling exceptionally brave, we dare you to travel about 15 miles outside of Detroit to visit the now abandoned Eloise Asylum. At one point, Eloise Asylum housed 12,000 patients and was large enough to warrant having its own zip code. While there are horror movie worthy stories about things that happened at the Asylum, visitors have claimed to have seen visual proof that the grounds are haunted. Ghosts hanging out in windows, random moans and screams, and moving shadows all make this a scare worthy stop.

These are only a few of the most famous haunted Detroit locations and rumor has it there are many more. This year reserve a party bus service and grab a few of your bravest friends to experience a side of Detroit you’ve never seen before. Now is the time to reserve your party bus or limousine from Dream Limousines before all the other ghosts and should beat you to it!