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The Process of Keeping Our Vehicles Clean and Sanitary

Whether you need a limousine or a party bus for an upcoming event in Michigan, our team stands ready and willing to help. Choose from a party bus, stretch SUV, or stretch sedan and attend your event in style. Regardless of which option you select, take comfort in knowing the vehicle is clean and sanitary, as your safety remains our top priority at all times. 

Why Rent a Limo or Party Bus? 

Renting a wedding limo or a limousine for any occasion simply makes sense. Everyone attending the event finds they can enjoy themselves without worrying about being responsible for how much they drink, when they leave, where others are when this time comes to leave, and more. Celebrate the occasion and keep everyone together at the same time. 

When people must take multiple vehicles, losing part of the group becomes commonplace. The renting of a limo or bus eliminates this concern and ensures nobody misses out on the fun. Furthermore, people find they don’t miss part of the festivities because they got lost or caught up in traffic. 

Take a loved one on an adventure in style. A limo provides you with a luxury ride so you can focus on each other and the special occasion rather than the road. Participants feel special when riding in a limo and can enjoy the luxury of the vehicle. 

These serve as a few of many occasions when a limo or party bus in Detroit provides the best transportation option. Many others exist, and a person should consider obtaining a luxury ride for any event. However, individuals must take care when choosing a provider to ensure the occasion is everything you envisioned. 


Dream Limousines maintains a fleet of vehicles that come with a Quality Vehicle Manufacturer (QVM) rating, and the builders have put these vehicles through crash tests to ensure their safety. Only those vehicles that feature the highest safety rating make it into our fleet. 

However, these vehicles must cradle our riders in comfort. We accept nothing less. Every vehicle features its own amenities, as our clients have unique needs. Benefit from the customer-friendly controls that allow you to personalize the environment. 


The COVID-19 global pandemic has many worried about making use of any form of public transportation in Michigan, including rental limousines and party buses. When individuals work with us, they can put these concerns to rest. PermaSafe ensures our riders remain protected at all times. 

Many rental limo providers make use of conventional disinfectants and antimicrobials. These products eliminate microbes by using toxic chemicals to poison them. When the product evaporates, the protection disappears along with it. 

Certain providers turn to products with nontoxic ingredients to protect their riders from harm. Manufacturers create these products so they act quickly and then dissipate. Sadly, once they do, the riders become vulnerable once again. 

We use PermaSafe Shield rather than conventional antimicrobials and disinfectants. Riders take comfort in knowing this product is non-corrosive, non-toxic, odor and hazard free, and environmentally neutral. Furthermore, it remains antimicrobially active for the life of the surface on which we use it.

When we apply PermaSafe to a surface in one of our rental vehicles, the patented antimicrobial agent found in this product chemically reacts with the surface. It forms a molecular bond and becomes an integral and permanent component of the surface. 

As this coating dries on the surface, millions of antimicrobial appliances form. These microscopic features extend from the surface and function as spikes. The long chains of positively charged atoms that make up the spike remain a threat to microbes. 

We have treated every vehicle in the fleet with PermaSafe. Clients ride without fear, as they know this shield protects them from 99.9999 percent of existing viruses and bacteria. In addition, it prevents the harboring of new viruses or bacteria. 

Additional Safety Measures

In our eyes, PermaSafe isn’t enough to satisfy customers. For this reason, no vehicle leaves our lot without being deep cleaned and sanitized. This remains our priority every morning when we open our doors for business. 

Each vehicle receives a thorough cleaning inside and out every morning. Using a CDC-approved cleaner, the team addresses every contact surface in and on the vehicle, including those used by the driver and passengers. 

Drivers must wear a mask and glove at all times. This protects not only the chauffeur but the customers as well. 

In addition, we ask our drivers to maintain a six-foot social distancing at all times. It’s not that we don’t want them to interact with our customers. Our goal is to keep everyone safe. This requires we put measures such as these into place, and we hope our clients understand. 

However, we ask our drivers to open all doors for clients. This minimizes the surfaces clients must touch. This adds another layer of protection for our riders. 

Additionally, we now allow clients to pay all monies by credit card. Finally, our company removed all glassware from our vehicles. Although they aren’t luxurious, all cups and napkins in our vehicles are disposable for your safety and protection. 

Special Requests

Clients retain the right to make special requests, especially with regard to their safety. If you have any special accommodations or requests, let us know. We work to meet your needs in any way we can, as we want you to feel safe when you ride with us. 

Contact us today to plan for your next ride. We strive to meet your needs in every way and go above and beyond our competitors to make this happen. We are happy to answer questions you may have or address any concerns, as we want you to be satisfied and call us again when you need a limo or party bus

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